Tasmania’s only wheelchair cricket program is set to roll out.

This unique initiative between ParaQuad and Taverners is set to develop and grow with grassroots support.

This first pilot session was held last month, with eager participants given the chance to experience the game style in a friendly, competitive way. And the joy of the program is that while it is specifically designed for people with a physical disability, anyone can jump into a chair and participate.

Taverners Board Member and Inclusive Sport Advisor, Jason Schmidt, is driving the program and will continue to partner with like-minded entities to ensure its ongoing growth as part of the expanding Hurricanes Inclusive Cup pathway.

Along with the fun and empowerment of playing a mainstream team sport, it’s the physical, social and confidence building benefits that are most valuable long-term. It’s the unique principles and practices of playing cricket that enables these personal skills to be learnt, which are then applied to everyday activities to help achieve goals to sustain a more independent and connected life.

























Innovative programs like this take energy and money that’s not always readily available. If you feel a passion towards this cause, you can support by taking out a Taverners Tas Membership or simply making a donation into our Inclusive Community Fund™. All funds raised go directly to programs that make a real difference to individuals, their families and the broader community.

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