Our Valued Supporters

Ron Barassi is our first to be acknowledged as a legendary supporter. Ron’s unwavering support of the Taverners has been as passionate and committed as that displayed throughout his sporting career. We are very grateful that Ron calls the Lord’s Taverners his favourite cricket charity, an honour in itself to be granted that status and enjoy the active participation the great man gives in the pursuit of changing lives for those disadvantage in the pursuit of their dreams.

Our Ambassadors have shown dedicated commitment to the ideals and vision of LTT over time. As people of influence, our Ambassadors help us navigate and promote ourselves through networks not easily reached otherwise.

Our sponsors contribute funds and materials that are critical to delivering support where it’s most wanted. We thank our sponsors for their initiative and enthusiasm – values we share and know make a real difference to the prospects and outcomes for our disadvantaged sporting youth.

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Our partners help us to activate ideas and networks to make things happen.We thank these organisations for their kinship, support and leadership in helping to bring down barriers for those disadvantaged in the pursuit of their sporting dreams.

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Our associates are not organisations, businesses or groups. These individuals give their time and energy to help manage and implement our strategic goals, fund raising, marketing and support activities.

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