Peter Rathbone – Vice Chair

Peter Rathbone – Vice Chair
Donations & Event Prize Manager

Membership, data bases

Phone: 0437 735 111

Peter is a proud Tasmanian who has traveled the world pursuing many opportunities in the IT sector. After finishing Matric, he moved to WA to start working in the oil fields utalising his technical skills in electronics. After 6 years there, he moved to the Netherlands for five years starting a successful IT based business and then to the USA for 12 years, where he continued in the same vein.
After 9/11, he and his Dutch wife, Ellen, decided to move back to the safety of Tasmania with their two boys, Tim and Derek. Here he co-founded TasmaNet, a local telecommunications and cloud computing company in 2004.

Peter has always been passionate about supporting the ‘underdog’. He’s driven to fulfill opportunities that give those who need a sporting chance the possibility of reaching their personal dream. He joined Tavs Tas to offer his energy and skills to help make a difference that all can see has long-term positive results. Peter’s specific role is the Donations and Event Prize Manager and works as an Associate to the Board.