Zoe Lowry 2017 Junior Taverner ready to play with a new lighter bat!

The Tavs Tasmania branch is thrilled to hand over a new bat for Zoe. The new lighter bat was loved as soon as Zoe picked it up. 

Feature photo: Robert Bilyk ( left ) Chairman of the Tavs Tasmania branch describes Zoe as having a “lovely family and admirable girl, very worthy of our support.”






Photo above left: Paul Sheahan Ambassador Tavs Tasmania and Zoe Lowry
Photo above right: Cath and Tim Lowry, With Zoe and her new bat in the middle 

A big thank you to the generosity of Kookaburra for allowing us to keep the original bat which we will pass on to another young player in need.

Zoe was named LTT’s 2017 Junior Taverner unfortunately late that year she suffered a concussion. It has been a real struggle to free herself from what seemed initially to be a nasty but fairly standard concussion. 

The effects lingered through recurring headaches, short term memory recall problems, concentration problems, difficulties following a sequence of tasks, which really affected her home life and her ability to get on with her studies. 

Fortunately she did receive expert medical treatment and through a rehab program designed specifically for her and lots of hard work and persistence from Zoe and great support from her family, Zoe has pretty well recovered. 

She is back at her beloved Latrobe Cricket Club where she is participating in all activities except facing fast bowling. She is eagerly awaiting medical clearance before she fully re enters the fray.

The Tavs Tasmania Branch wish you all the best this season Zoe!