Walk the walk – talk the talk!

On Sunday November 11, 2018, Tavs Tas presented the Adam Gilchrist Q&A – Spirit of Cricket and Sporting Chance Awards Event at Bellerive Yacht Club.

The packed room was entertained by so many inspiring guests and Award winners who both informed and delighted the crowd. All had truly inspirational stories and committed passion for inclusive sport – sharing insights to how they’ve experienced how Cricket builds confidence and skills, that in-turn help then to reach their life goals.

Adam was joined with fellow ‘Master Blaster’ Batsman, Graeme Smith. He was South African Captain at the time Gilly was reinventing the short game and rewriting the records books at the same time. These legendary Batsmen captivating our world with their power, determination and sheer skill displayed in the act of playing spirited, hard-but-fair Cricket.

Graeme & Gilly entertain the crowd
Tavs Tas Spirit of Cricket Award Winners: Derwent Cricket Club
Jim Bacon Award Winner: Isabelle King & Tavs Tas Ambassador Paul Sheahan
Izzy and her proud family




Jnr Taverner Winner: Tom Willoughby & Cricket Tasmania Chair Andrew Gaggin
Jnr Taverner Sophie Parkin & Andrew Gaggin
Ron Barassi Award Winner: Daniel Thomson & Paul Sheahan











Daniel Thomson with proud parents & Robert Bilyk















































Tavs Tas would like to thank all those who gave their time, funds and energy to making our first Eastern Shore Event such a big success!

Funds raised will now be distributed through our Tavs Tas Inclusive Community Fund™ to much needed initiatives like the Tavs Tas Inclusion Shield – Nth/Sth Challenge. The TTiS is an integrated event, along with the Hurricanes Inclusion Cup, which combine to give opportunity for players to be selected for our Tasmanian Inclusive Team to compete at the NCIC in 2019!






See TTiS info page

Kookaburra Cricket Kits for Jnr Taverner Winners!

Big thanks to Kookaburra for supplying the 2 Cricket Kits to our most deserving winners. Robert Bilyk had great joy in presenting Tom with his kit after the Event.

Kookaburra Cricket Kits awarded to Jnr Taverners
Robert Bilyk & Tom Willoughby
















Want to support Tavs Tas Inclusion Shield Cricket?

The TTiS is the first of its kind – a Nth-Sth Challenge bringing players from all over the State to compete head-to-head in a 3-game competition as part of the Hurricanes Inclusion Cricket pathway. That pathway leads to possible selection in our Tasmanian NCIC team.

Support in any form is appreciated and you can make a personal donation through our Inclusive Community Fund™ web site page. All funds go 100% directly to staging and promoting the TTiS games.

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What’s the big picture?

See what Nathan Lion, NCIC Ambassador, says about the National Cricket Inclusive Championships being held in 2019!

See Nathan’s video