Taverners Charity Days at Adelaide Test

Sunny and Andi Drury travel over to participate in and capture the experience. Here’s their report and reflections.

Day 1 – Introduction to the week ahead





Today was day 1 of Adelaide Test, where Andi and I worked with the dedicated team collecting public donations for inclusion sport initiatives.

Taverners Aust. proudly launched the Sporting Chance Fund, along with a refreshed brand to attract mainstream attention and support. There’s much to do, but together we can male lasting, positive change and opportunities to empower passionate, inspiring youth to rise above their individual physical challenges and personal disadvantages.

Just like our new mate Corey, who was tireless in helping sell Taverners Pins and rattling donation cans – a true legend!









This is creativity, commitment and community in action – see how Tavs are making a real difference in creating sporting chances and inclusive pathways for all.

Day 2 is expected to be bigger, with marketing and promotion in the ground ramping up.

Thanks for reading, Sunny & Andi.


Day 2 – Adelaide continues to inspire…

Days are getting bigger, increased donations and Taverners Bat Pins being proudly worn by many.

Just $5 – join the cause!







Not always easy to get photos, but the stories of engagement and giving keep emerging. 

A young boy named Toby came up to us with his Mum in hand. In the other hand he held a miniature wood signing bat and $5.

The look in his 6 y.o. eyes was caring and determined, as he proudly handed over his money for a Tavs Bat Pin. I asked, and he knew exactly what it was for.

Ok, now this is what it’s all about…

Next generations committed to growing up in, and influencing change, for a greater inclusive community.

I knelt down, shook his hand and expressed what an inspirational and kind thing he just did. He was as humble as I was excited for his future, living to the values of generosity and kindness. That takes strength of character.

I imagine he’ll be a great Dad one day!

Well done Mum too, seriously inspiring parenting. Thank you both.









And thanks to the Richies – for their generosity, humor and new chant: ‘where’s your pin!, where’s your pin!” A proud new accessory to the uniform?! Can supply!

Day 3 will be massive, with highly recognized community, sport and sector supporters interviewed on major media outlets.

Thanks for reading, Sunny & Andi


Day 3 – Inspirational people and

Team Taverners expanded with volunteers from the Commonwealth Bank to bolster efforts as crowds also grew in numbers.

The gentle art of gaining money from strangers is no easy business. But then, the task at hand is made easier when people realize some loose change can effect lasting change for our most disadvantaged.

There’s no greater example of public education in the inclusive space than from someone who’s walked the walk – the inspirational Graeme Innes.

Had the absolute pleasure of spending the day with Graeme, as he shared stories of his experiences playing Blind Cricket for NSW as a wicket keeper batsman and as an outspoken and highly respected public advocate for disability sport. He captivated and educated influential guests at the SACA VIP luncheon, the crowded numbers in the Members, then on to media interviews and one-on-one conversations.

So who is Graeme Innes I hear you say?? 









As Australia’s Disability Discrimination Commissioner, Lawyer, Counsellor, Director and Mediator (and more) he continues to influence and achieve so many positive changes that it simple makes my head spin.

Do yourself a favor – please read his online profile. I challenge you to read it and not be moved and inspired by the depth of intelligence, sincerity and dedication.

The values and principles that have defined his life continues to inspire all generations to play their part in ensuring our community champions and demands accessibility and inclusiveness.

See Graeme’s Page

Every donation continues the conversation, so if you’d like give a sporting chance to inspiring, disadvantaged youth – please visit Fund page to donate. Thank you and thanks for reading. Sunny & Andi


Group photo L-R: Graeme Innes (legend), John Jeffreys (LT Nat. Chair), Sunny Drury (LTT Dep. Chair)









Last days – Final update and reflections.

Andi and I made a last effort to reach our personal $1k target – we are thrilled to say we doubled it, as our small part in the overall team effort. The final tally will be announced once all the Card transactions are included. Will let you know!





Many thanks to media outlets for creating visibility and ground announcements over the journey. Thank you @Channel7 news @cricketcomau and @CAcomms for partnering and promoting us. Especially day 5 gold coin entry donation going 100% to Taverners disability programs. Thanks to @SACAnews for the same access, support and encouragement. 

Twitter: t.co/baFLlF999v

We’re looking forward to building our relationships and next year being even better.

The crowds flooded in to see the Aussies try to save or win the Test. The largest team assembled so far took post at all entries and amongst the crowd, spending the day taking the biggest total of donations of all 5 days! We may have lost the first Test, but Taverners won thousands of new friends and supporters and funds to amplify our inclusive sport initiatives.

As we reflect on the week, it’s hard to find the words to best describe what we experienced on a human level in Adelaide. The sheer power and persuasion of personal stories. So many exchanges based on basic human rights, to the profound realization on individual levels that we can all help make lasting change for our most disadvantaged.

In the North end social areas, I came across 1000’s of well primed people who were ‘sitting targets’, allowing my message to disrupt their day. Many took pause to listen, some simply turned away. Was constantly reminded of the first rule in the law of reciprocity – you give willingly and expect nothing in return. So I happily gave voice on behalf of our beneficiaries and if no donation came forth at least they were educated on the cause.

But like any crowd, they represented the diverse fabric of our community in terms of variable age, attitudes, awareness and motivations – so a deeply insightful experience on many levels. Baby Boomers, Gen X, Y, Z and Millennials – to our most learned village elders, all had one common core similarity – the shared belief in equality and opportunity for all.


The other commonality, was sharing in the absolute confidence that their financial contributions would make a direct impact. 

Everyone deserves to chase their dream, to be recognized and included in all so-called mainstream pursuits and activities. Taverners exist to support the disabled and disadvantaged to participate and succeed beyond any physical, financial or emotional barriers they may face.

In all this reflection and learning, I feel the need to reinforce (without prejudice), that Lords Taverners around the Country is a 100% volunteer organization. No salaries, incentives or commissions (in any form) are paid to individuals, entities or associates. If we spend any money, it’s to make more money!

We take great pride and motivation in these values that underpins the Taverners spirit, as it can be defined by its alignment with the very Spirit of Cricket laws that drive our cultural instincts and expectations far beyond the sporting arena. As a proud nation, these ideals we were tested recently. People were hurt as well as punished – and now we must move on. We must constantly grow better, but do so together.

Those who understand that the SoC is defined on values of teamwork and fair but hard play, also know how these guiding principles not just reflect the game, but life itself and its many dimensions, challenges and learnings.

We all have a chance to show how actions speak loader than words. So it’s with great appreciation that we can share that former Aust Captain, Steve Smith, has donated 50% of his match earnings from his time in the Canadian Premier League to the Taverners Foundation. That’s $40,000! We look forward to Steve playing an active role with Taverners in the future.

I’ve learnt and received much on this trip, thanks to the Tavs Team and the Adelaide people for their generosity and kinship towards the cause. I’ll wrap up with a combination of words and themes derived from the many conversations and statements along the journey.

From Justin Langer to Graeme Innes, from 6 to 66 year olds and the many Social connections that have commented and shared our posts to their communities around the Country and around the World!

Trust in elite truth.
Be humble in celebration.
Bring dignity to the disadvantaged. Deceive no-one – especially yourself.
Pathways before barriers.
Be passionate and share the joy.
Build on lessons learnt.
And – Give a Sporting Chance!

And lastly a quote that sums it all up:
“People may forget what you’ve said, or forget what you did, but they’ll never forget how you made them feel.”
Thanks for that inspiring reference @AmandaCastray

Every donation continues the conversation – so if you’d like to give a sporting chance to inspiring, disadvantaged youth please donate to the National Sporting Chance Fund.

Become a Tas Taverner – just $50!

See Membership Page






Thank you for reading, following and supporting.
We’ll be back next year!
Go well – Sunny & Andi